Freedom in Jesus: Shame

If you’ve heard my story, you know I’ve lived my life enchained to shame. But God has set me free. I’m now on this exciting journey of learning to embrace freedom as I lay down shame and hold fast to this truth: in Christ I am never put to shame, but molded by truth and love. In this short blog I use a story from John 8 and a parable designed to help you understand Christ sets you free from shame and gives you a new way to think and live in Him.

Jesus sat in the temple teaching when the Pharisees (religious leaders in Israel during that time) brought in a women caught in adultery.

They did not bring the man caught in adultery with her, already exercising their own hypocrisy as the law stated both transgressors shall be punished.

They asked Jesus what to do with her.

Jewish law had stated that anyone caught in adultery shall be put to death. Roman law, which the Jews lived under, said something else entirely. But what did Jesus say?

“He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

The woman’s accusers left.

She stood alone with Jesus.

Jesus said, “Woman, where are your accusers? Has no one condemned you?”

“No one, Sir.”

He said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go, and sin no more.”

Jesus (God in the flesh) came to reveal God’s attributes in full on earth. He healed a sick mother, raised a boy back to life, calmed a raging sea, relieved a suffering man from demons, and set a woman free from shame. He loved people with His life, befriending the least likely people and walking in peace towards men.

This is God’s heart toward you. He is filled with peace, compassion, and love for you, regardless of your biggest regrets. Shame is a twisted by-product of regret, and if we aren’t aware of God’s heart for us the devil will chain us in shame.

Jesus breaks the shackles of shame and sets you free to live a brand new life. He gives you a brand new, clean state of being, and invites you on a life journey with Him to experience the abundance of your new position.

This is God’s heart toward you. He is filled with peace, compassion, and love for you, regardless of your biggest regrets.

Imagine you wrecked your car and a mysterious person pays all of your fees, pleading for you and winning in court and then tops it off by replacing your totaled vehicle with a brand new Tesla. Your old car can’t even compare. Then they insure the Tesla permanently on your behalf. All they ask in return is that you hang out and take driving lessons from them.

Why am I talking about Tesla’s and hypothetical driving lessons?

The totaled car is your life, and Jesus is the mystery benefactor. The Tesla represents your new life, one insured by Jesus Himself, so that if you ever mess up and wreck it again all fees are covered and it is instantly made new.

You are now free to enjoy your new Tesla (life!) knowing that you are covered with the best insurance and liability. Your mysterious benefactor also happens to be the best driver in the world, so since you’re taking lessons from Him you can learn to live wreck free.

You see friend, when Jesus sets you free from shame, shame loses it’s bargaining chip. Jesus wraps you in safety, security, and love, and guides you by those very same things. From this place you are empowered to live. His love for you breaks the power of shame over your life and calls you to follow Him.

What’s waiting is a glorious new life.

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