A New Thing in 2020…His Word Stands!

This is a word I wrote most of on Spring Equinox and sat on until now. It’s time to spring new vision.

It’s officially spring.

The end of 2019 was filled with several hopeful prophetic words. Isaiah 43:19 was an overarching theme throughout. My heart gleamed with possibility of what God would do in 2020. Words like revival and awakening excited me, because it’s what God had been speaking to me too. 2020: a year of abundance, provision, and VISION.

Fast forward to January 5th 2020. The United States assassinates an Iranian military leader and ignite rumors of world war.

March 16th 2020. A deadly global virus is wreaking havoc in society. People are dying. The world is quarantined. We are on the brink of economic disaster.

No, this is not a drill. It’s not a horror movie, though it does feel like we’re living in a strange dream. What’s God doing?

Exactly what He said He was going to do.

The Lord spoke clearly through His prophets: He is doing a new thing in 2020. However, without VISION, it will not be percieved.

The prophetic promises over 2020 still stand. His word does not fail. We don’t start doubting when life appears not to align with what He’s saying. We don’t change our minds to support the world’s narrative. Instead we align ourselves with HIS VISION and tune into His view on the matter. Though things are grim, we can look ahead with expectation of promises fulfilled.

God is still doing a new thing. This is a year of abundance, provision, revival, and awakening.

He IS carving a way in the wilderness and opening vast rivers in the desert, but if you do not have eyes to see, you will miss the kingdom of God playing out right in front of you.

It shall spring forth. Shall you not know it?

It’s time to upgrade your vision.

Vastly Different Vision

The last couple weeks have been ones of intense panic. The natural eye perceives the trouble surrounding the present situation and the natural response is fear. 2020 vision response is vastly different. 2020 vision sees overwhelming hope, unfathomable peace, preservering faith.

We don’t see doomsday; we envision redemption. We confess salvation has come. We hold fast to the word of God. We stand on the victory of Jesus Christ.

2020 Vision:

  • Is informed by Spirit of Truth and the Word of God
  • Upgrades your identity
  • Unlocks the kingdom of heaven
  • Transforms your mind

He designed us to be partners in His plan.

The world sees hopelessness. But revival is happening in grocery stores, in homes and families and in hearts. Plans for provision are being executed. Values are being reset. The opportunity for abundant rest and renewal is present. Hope is being spread. Love is covering. Faith is being built and extinguishing fiery arrows .

God is showing us the power of His word in the most challenging situations. As we believe and speak His words of peace over ourselves and others we realize the power God’s words have to make us still.

His Kingdom Revealed

The Lord is revealing our need for the fruit and to live off the word (Matt. 4:4).

He is aligning our priorities back to the foundations. Love and joy and peace are not reliant upon status or material things or even other people. God gives us those things but that is not what we are to base our identity or hope in. Our identity and hope is not based in things that can be lost. He is showing that He alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. All other blessings are gravy. It is God pouring out His exuberant, luxurious love on us. The Father is the giver of all gifts, but the greatest gift of all is Him.

This is why Jesus said blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the kingdom of God (this speaks to the poor in spirit as well). Last year I had the opportunity to interact with an orphaned family in Africa and I was stunned by their hope, strength, and even joy through incomparable circumstances. The poor have access to blessings that we don’t because they often SEE things in a way others don’t; they have a different perspective. Why we are complaining about our car or traffic for the 40th time today they are praising God they got a hot meal today.

Man shall not live by bread alone but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. His way leads to life. His words produce true treasure we can store up in our hearts that can never be taken away. Even though I’m going through hard things I constantly have to check my privilege and remember my wants are nothing in comparison to the treasure found in God and His word.

More than a conqueror

God wants us to understand HIS WORDS ARE WEAPONS! His words of peace towards us are promises that cannot be altered or unfulfilled, which makes proclamations of peace fatal knife wounds to the enemy.

God is waiting on you to partner with Him! We are the ones with the keys to the kingdom. Revival and awakening comes through us unleashing His kingdom on earth. And the harvest is ripe.

Now is our time to SEE God’s word move mountains. 2020 vision is believing you can move mountains because He has moved mountains, but it is also realizing when the mountain is you.

His Redemption is Evident

God’s redemption through this chaos is evident in nature. Pollution disappears, water clears, air quality improves, nature flourishes. Creative ideas and discussions on how we can reduce our footprint are being taken more seriously after the forced quarantine shows us what just a few days of reduced human activity does for the environment.

God is not the author of our suffering but He is the restorer of our hope. He is the redeemer of our darkest nights. He brings beauty out of pain. Flowers out of concrete. It takes eyes that can see the flower before it’s bloomed to perceive the new things that He will do.

5 Keys to SEE with 2020 vision:

1. Base your identity in God.

He is the One who never changes, whose always and only good, the Perfect Judge, our Creator who loves us infinitely. Your identity is not based in this world. Your worth and position is not based on your performance. It’s based on Him. When you embrace this truth you will find freedom and be able to SEE who you are and the glorious destiny set before you.

2. Know His character.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. We won’t understand everything, but we can know how it turns out because we know who He is. Look at what you’re seeing and ask yourself, “How does this compare to who I know God to be?” Though my situation may be grim I know my God is a redeemer, that He loves me, and has plans to give me a future and a hope. I can SEE past the problem to the promise because I know the Promiser so I know the promise is good because He is true to His word.

3. Spend time in the Word

I can’t stress this one enough. You can’t do either of the first two if you haven’t spent time in the word. We learn who we are and who He is from His word. Our minds are renewed (daily!). His truth determines our reality, not the other way around.


This one also comes through the Word. Without faith it is impossible to see with 2020 vision. We must believe in the promise in order to SEE it. In order to SEE it we must envision it. We envision it by holding fast to His promises and declaring His truth as our own. In turn we trade the lies we’ve been believing about who God is, who we are and His plan for us. We then receive clarity and can SEE clearly the amazing days ahead.


When we begin to SEE with 2020 vision and SPEAK what we SEE, we become partners with God and active participants in His plan to bring heaven to earth. Speaks His words. Wage war with lies with them. They are your heavenly weapons. He’s given us the keys to the kingdom to lock up evil and unlock heavenly solutions on earth.

Perhaps were not living in a strange dream at all; perhaps we’ve finally awoken.

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    So good. Your gift of words will bless many Madee. I love you.

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